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Queensberry Street - written 3rd February, 2007 at 11:07
Photos of the Town Hall in the 1870s show a considerable open space in Queensberry St outside the entrance to the Town Hall. At the time, the space was obviously meant for people to circulate and contained seating then Henderson’s fountain round about where the iron toilets now are. Since then the Queensberry St frontage has been taken up with cars, parking and trees, with the result that most people think of the post office side on Errol St as the front. Now that Queensberry St is again an important entrance – to the Artshouse – it would be appropriate to restore open space outside the entrance e.g. by eliminating parking, redirecting traffic along the north side and planting to frame an open space containing maybe some seating or outdoor facilities for nearby cafes. I’d be interested to hear responses to this from anyone other than motorists complaining about loss of parking. Bill Hannan

Welcome to this blog - written 29th January, 2007 at 22:44
This blog is a post-publication commentary by "Pride of Hotham" author Bill Hannan.


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